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For long-term hair removal outcomes, laser treatments are the industry standard for both speed and comfort, not to mention fantastic results. Although other methods are available for permanent hair removal, they generally entail various degrees of pain or discomfort. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, provides an experience for the client that is generally free of pain, and can completely remove frustrating facial and body hair in only a few short treatments. The staff at Premier Laser Spa Of Boston -Burlington offers a huge variety of laser treatment possibilities, all approved as safe and effective by the FDA, and all performed to the exact specifications required by your body.

We custom-tailor every treatment to your needs, including your skin tone, your hair type, and most of all, the specific results that you want. And when you work with Premier Laser Spa for your laser treatment needs, you can rest assured that you’ll obtain the best results available anywhere. Many of our competitors are unable to give people with very pale or very dark skin satisfying results, but the Premier Laser Spa Of Boston – Burlington team is highly experienced and skilled in determining the right wavelength and laser type for your needs, ensuring incredible results for anyone. And of course, Premier Laser Spa Of Boston is the only center in the region that can offer clients LaserFast laser hair removal treatments.

Bikini Line

It’s no surprise that bikini line hair removal treatments are one of our most popular options for women. After all, what woman hasn’t, at some point in her life, realized after getting to the beach or the pool that she had forgotten to shave or wax? It’s an embarrassing situation, compounded by sensitivity of skin that tends to lead to ingrown hairs and razor burn. Bikini line hair removal is the solution to all of these problems.

At Premier Laser Spa Of Boston, we can permanently remove unwanted, unruly hair around the bikini line in a manner of minutes. Exactly how much hair your technician removes is absolutely up to you, so you can chose the bikini profile that makes you comfortable and confident. A session with one of our qualified, skilled, and discreet hair removal specialists only takes a quarter of an hour, with a full course of treatment leaving you with a totally tamed bikini line. And in fact, most of our clients start to see definite thinning of hair after only one session! By the time you finish out your treatment sessions, you’ll be rid of even the darkest, thickest, and most stubborn hairs. Why stick with short-term, irritating solutions like waxing, shaving, and hair removal creams, when pain-free, permanent laser hair removal is just a phone call away!

Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure

For clients who want to be completely rid of the pain and hassle of dealing with unwanted pubic hair, a “full” or “Brazilian” bikini laser hair removal treatment is the option for you! Whether you want to totally remove all pubic hair, or would like to leave a narrow area of hair, a Brazilian or full bikini procedure can deliver the results you desire.

Although typically seen as a procedure for women, full and Brazilian bikini treatments are increasingly popular with men! We know that a procedure of this nature can feel a little invasive, so we want you to know that your comfort is our top priority. If you would prefer a male or female laser specialist to work with you during your bikini line treatment, please let us know.

With a Brazilian or full bikini line hair removal treatment, you can throw those razors and waxing strips in the trash, and stop throwing your money away on short-term solutions! Even better, laser hair removal treatments are just about painless, unlike some of the other short- and long-term hair removal methods you may have been using in the past.

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Facial Hair

Thick, dark, or copious facial hair can put a serious dent in self-esteem and confidence for any woman, and keeping up with waxing and plucking can be time consuming, painful, and embarrassing. If you’re struggling with confidence or self-image due to unwanted facial hair, or are simply sick of the chore of keeping it at bay, give us a call! Our discreet staff of laser specialists known how sensitive facial hair can be, and we pledge to do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable – including keeping all of your personal information confidential.

Did you know that you’re not alone in coping with excessive facial hair? At Premier Laser Spa Of Boston, facial hair removal for women is actually the procedure our clients request most frequently. For unwanted facial hair on the chin, upper lip, sideburns, or eyebrows (or any other area), give our fully customizable laser hair removal treatments a try.

One of the best parts about laser hair removal is that you don’t have to let your facial hair grow in before a session, unlike preparing for a wax. Because our sessions are so quick, you can slide a ten-minute hair removal treatment into your lunch break, or fit it in before or after work! Although total, permanent hair removal takes a number of sessions, the vast majority of our clients experience thinning of unwanted facial hair during and after their first session. Each and every subsequent session will thin out the hair even more, until you’re left with smooth skin and are free from hair maintenance forever.

Similar to a wax, you may experience a little redness in the treated area for a short period of time (1-2 hours, generally) after your treatment. Applying an ice pack often helps reduce the redness.

Men’s Facial Hair

While a full beard can be a point of pride for some men, many dream of a clean-shaven look – and most of those men wish that they could have that smooth skin without the daily hassle of shaving. Add in the ingrown hairs, shaving rashes, irritation, and nicks and cuts that often come from frequent shaving, and it’s no surprise that permanent facial hair removal is a very sought-after treatment. At Premier Laser Spa Of Boston, you can obtain quick, painless treatments that will allow you to be free of stubble and the time-sink of shaving – forever!

While men with dark skin have often been left out of this facial hair maintenance revolution in the past, we’re happy to say that the team atPremier Laser Spa Of Boston is able to use our fully customizable LaserFast hair removal technology to give anyone the results they want, regardless of skin tone or hair type.

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Underarm Hair

Remember the last time you forgot to shave before leaving the house in that sleeveless top? What about pushing back your beach or pool plans because you needed to get a wax first? Taking care of underarm hair can be a serious annoyance, but with laser hair removal, you may never have to worry about it again!

Although the underarms are generally seen as an area that’s easy to maintain, many women are annoyed by the constant upkeep, not to mention the ingrown hairs, rashes, and skin irritation that comes from daily shaving. With laser hair removal, you can be free of the skin troubles and the annoyance – not to mention the unwanted hair! Each session takes only a couple of minutes, and most of our clients start to see distinct thinning of underarm hair after their first session. And because the underarms are a small area, they’re a great opportunity to see if laser hair removal is something you’d like to pursue for larger regions of the body!

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Arm Hair

For both male and female clients, very thick or very dark arm hair can be a serious source of embarrassment. At Premier Laser Spa Of Boston, we can solve this problem with just a few quick, easy, and totally safe laser hair removal treatments, using the patented, industry gold standard LaserFast technology that shrinks treatment time and makes the process totally pain-free. Even better, our qualified and highly skilled staff have years of experience in precisely adapting every treatment to the individual’s skin and hair type for optimal results. With so many options available and with our customized approach to hair removal, it’s no wonder that our clients love their results. While some other laser centers may use one standard setting for their lasers, we take your exact needs into account. Arm hair removal sessions are so quick and painless you can even fit them into a lunch break! Make waxing and shaving your arms a thing of the past. Laser hair removal presents an option that’s pain free and will save you time and money.

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Leg Hair

Imagine what you could do with an extra hour every week. Now, imagine that you had an extra two days every year – to use for whatever you want! No, the answer isn’t time travel – it’s laser hair removal! Did you know that typical women spend about an hour shaving their legs every week, and over 50 hours shaving their legs every year? With our LaserFat laser hair removal treatments, you can throw out that razor (and stop waxing, too), and take back that time. With each session taking only about an hour to complete, you can start to take your life back!

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While some men love their chest hair and see it as a sign of manliness, others find excessive, thick, or dark chest hair to be a real embarrassment. If you’re a man who avoids unbuttoning your collar or taking off your shirt at the beach or pool due to chest hair, it may be time to consider laser hair removal. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to take valuable seconds off the clock, or a guy who simply hates the task of shaving, waxing, and dealing with unpleasant stubble, laser hair removal can remove both your chest hair and your “manscaping” time budget. Every chest hair removal session will take only an hour of time from your day, and with our LaserFast hair removal technology, you’ll receive a full satisfaction guarantee, because we know you’ll love your results.

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Back and Shoulder Hair

For most men, back and shoulder hair is a source of embarrassment. If you spend a significant amount of time shaving or waxing, or find yourself avoiding removing your shirt in public because back or shoulder hair has sapped your confidence, try our LaserFast technology!

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